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Bullets for Muzzleloading

All of our .452 line of bullets have potential for muzzleloaders, also we have 40 cal. and .429 that offer excellent performance.


We offer these bullets in bonded and non bonded. They perform well at black powder, sub, black horn velocities, as well as smokeless.

We highlighted 270 pin point and bonded version, they have been extremely accurate for many smokeless 45 cal. shooters for the last 3 years.

The pin point series will shine in most cut-rifle barrells, "there maybe some button rifle barrells with oversized boares that the pin point wont work with".

The .325, .350, .400 pin point will all shoot MOA in faster twist barrells in 18 or more. .270 pin point in bonded version is good in 20 twist barrells.

All of the .300-.400 pin point recently shot under MOA in the harvester black sabot recorded by "Mntmonkeymodernmuzzleloader". .452 Northern Precision Bullets shoot sized for boar as well as with sabots.

"New bullets are coming"

Product Reviews

This is a northern Precision 325 grain sharp tip, this group was fired also with smokeless powder in a 1- 22 twist  50 cal ,also with the Harvester short black smooth sabot.

This is a five shot group with a northern precision 400 grain pointed tip this particular load is a smokeless load of IMR 4198 this load was shot in a smokeless 50 cal with the Harvester black short smooth sabot the barrel twist was a 1-20